Yale is falling behind in its response to the climate crisis because the Corporation is not representative of our students and alumni. We need 4,500 alumni to come together to put a climate champion on the ballot for the 2022 Yale Corporation Alumni Fellow Election. Will you join us?

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In order for Yale to be a leader in the fight against climate change, the Corporation needs someone who can lead the way.


Our candidate for 2021, Maggie Thomas, withdrew from the election due to White House ethics rules after being called to serve in the Office of Domestic Climate Policy. We're now looking for the perfect person to run in the 2022 election to help the University chart a path forward.


Bringing about structural change requires more than good ideas—it also requires thoughtful plans for how to achieve those ideas. Our platform offers detailed policy proposals to achieve bold climate action, to develop socially responsible investment practices and to create more inclusive and transparent governance.