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Our campaign is for Yalies from every school and generation. Read what some of our supporters have to say about our campaign.

Want to be listed as a supporter? Email your headshot, quote, title, and Yale affiliation to!


Gus Speth

Former Dean, Yale Forestry & Environmental Studies

College '64, YLS '69

"Democratic reforms and social justice are key to fighting the environmental crisis. Yale Forward will push Yale to lead on all three fronts. Please join me in petitioning to elect Maggie to the Corporation."


Yale Endowment Justice Coalition


Bharat Ramamurti

Former Senior Counsel for Banking & Economic Policy, Senator Warren

YLS '07

"As a University, we must use all our leverage to lead the global effort to combat climate change, and Yale Forward will push Yale to do exactly that."


Divest Ed


Tom Steyer

Former Investor, Climate Activist

Chief Economic Adviser to Governor Newsom's Business and Jobs Recovery Task Force

College '79

"It's critical that we address the climate crisis at all levels of government and our society, including institutions of higher education. That's why I'm committed to helping Maggie move Yale Forward."


Yale College Democrats


Alexandra Bauman

Vice President, Yale College Democrats

College '21

"We need a representative on the Yale Board of Trustees who will hold the university accountable, as well as represent the interests of young people faced with a future of uncertainty due to climate change."


Dr. Wai Chee Dimock

William Lampson Professor of English & American Studies, Yale University

GSAS '82

"A world-class university needs a healthy planet. It's not a moment too soon for Yale to act, and to make carbon neutrality by 2030 the shared norm for higher education."


Jook Songs

Yale Asian-American Spoken Word Group


Stephen Stearns

Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University

College '67

“Maggie is focused on the significant crises of our time. Electing her to the Yale Corporation will push
the university to seek solutions to major national and global problems.”


Dr. Laura Alex Frye-Levine

Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

FES '08

"In the near future, we will judge the moral character of our institutions by the swiftness, courage and sincerity with which they undertook actions for climate justice."


Robert Dubrow

Professor of Epidemiology (Environmental Health Sciences), Yale School of Public Health

Faculty Director, Yale Center on Climate Change and Health

M.A.H. '14

"I support Yale Forward and its platform because Yale, as a premier university, has a responsibility to be at the forefront of the urgent struggles for climate action, social justice, and democracy."


Brian Reyes

Co-President, Yale Dominican Students Association

College '21

"Yale has the potential to seriously push the nation forward on the climate crisis, and Maggie Thomas would help us do just that."


Carolyn Sacco

Co-coordinator, Yale Students for Prison Divestment

College '21

"Yale Students for Prison Divestment supports Yale Forward in its efforts to ensure moral decision making at the highest levels of the university, leading to greater environmental and racial justice."


Ellen Qian

Undergraduate Genomics Researcher, Gerstein Lab

College '23

"I strongly support the efforts of Yale Forward in pushing for moral leadership as Yale responds to the important ethical challenges facing our world."


Steve Winter

Alder for Ward 21, City of New Haven

"Let's put a climate champion on Yale's Board! Electing Maggie will ensure that Yale's immense resources are deployed responsibly at home and around the globe."


Rhiana Gunn-Wright

Fellow, Roosevelt Institute

Co-architect of the Green New Deal

College '11

“We can’t build a green future without bold action from powerful institutions. It’s time for Yale to act boldly, and Yale Forward will make that happen.”


Fossil Free Yale


Stephen Heintz

President & CEO, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

College '74

"Climate change calls for real leadership, and Yale should be at the forefront, not a laggard. Let's move the Yale Corporation toward divestment from fossil fuels –please join me in supporting Maggie and Yale Forward."


YELA Board

Yale Environmental Law Association


Mary Evelyn Tucker

Co-founder and Co-director, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology

Lecturer, FES & YDS

“Divestment is one of the most important moral actions of our time. To support fossil fuel companies and banks that support them is contrary to the educational mission of a university whose motto is 'light and truth.'"


Local 33 UNITE HERE!

Yale University Graduate Student Union


Aily Zhang

Former Policy Analyst, NRDC

MPP Student, Harvard Kennedy School

College '15

"Ensuring diverse voices and new perspectives are present at the table with the Yale Corporation is incredibly important as we address one of our society's greatest challenges—climate change."


Molly Shapiro

President, Yale College Democrats

College '21

"I support Yale Forward because it is time for Yale to show that young people who will be most affected by climate change are being heard and that climate change is a priority for our university."


Martin Man

Coordinator, Fossil Free Yale & Yale Endowment Justice Coalition

Architecture '19

"The Yale Corporation should better represent the values and concerns of students and alumni. This campaign can bring us closer to a responsible and transparent university leadership committed not only to light and truth, but justice and equity."


Dr. Alyssa Battistoni

Environmental Fellow, Harvard Center for the Environment

Co-author, A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal

GSAS '19

"It is unconscionable that Yale continues to invest in fossil fuels in 2020. I fully support Yale Forward's campaign for fossil fuel divestment and endowment justice."


Yale Dramatic Association


Aliesa Bahri

Policy Director, Yale College Council (institutional affiliation for identification only)

Legislative Director, Yale College Democrats

College '22

"As an institution, Yale must become the kind of passionate and responsible leader it asks its students to be. Maggie is that type of leader, and with her dedication to inclusive governance, transparency, and justice, she will make sure Yale is too."


Meghanlata Gupta

2020 President, Association of Native Americans at Yale


College '21

"As an Indigenous scholar and student leader on campus, I believe that it is Yale's responsibility to divest from institutions that disproportionately impact tribal and other marginalized communities. Let's vote for the health and safety of lands and people around the world!"


David Cash

Dean, University of Massachusetts Boston Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies

College '87

"At this moment in history when we face a climate justice crisis, Yale should be catalytic in its investing, moving us toward a just and sustainable energy transition."


Sam Teicher

Co-Founder & Chief Reef Officer, Coral Vita

YC '12, F&ES '15

"Yale has an opportunity and an obligation to lead its community and the world towards a healthier planet that supports a thriving and prosperous society, and Maggie can help the university take that bold step forward."


Reilly Johnson

President of the Yale Sophomore Class 19-20

College '22

“Maggie will help Yale rise to the challenge of tackling the most intersectional and immediate crisis of our time: climate change. She will be an adamant advocate, ensuring that the highest levers of power at Yale are accessible to all who love our community enough to make it more conscious, more kind, and more just.”


Kahlil Greene

1st Black Student Body President of Yale College

(institutional affiliation for identification only)

College '21

"In upholding its mission, Yale needs to look out for communities around the world. We need inclusive governance, and we need to champion our core values."


Yale Student Environmental Coalition


Miranda Massie

Director, The Climate Museum

GSAS '91

"The crux question for Yale's global leadership is now divestment. The extraordinary Maggie Thomas will guide the University toward this morally necessary decision."


Yale Law Women



Charles Decker

New Haven Board of Alders, Ward 9

M.A. '14, M.Ph. '14

"I fight because Yale needs to do more for marginalized communities on campus and in the city. Maggie will fight alongside us!"


Yale Law School Democrats


Tony & Luke Knowles

Tony: Former Governor of Alaska, College '68

Luke: Food Systems Entrepreneur, College '05, FES' 08

"Maggie's message of reform for climate change and social justice is urgently needed by our country and Yale. She has the talent, values, and commitment to be a leader in this way forward."


Ivan Asiimwe

Technology Officer, Development Bank of Rwanda

YSPH '19, CBEY '20

"Small actions like signing up change lives, so let us jointly act. Move Yale Forward, Maggie!"


Ama Francis

Climate Law Fellow, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

YLS '18

"Divestment is an opportunity to put our university's values to work; just as Yale showed up on the right side of history by divesting from apartheid South Africa. Maggie would be a great addition."


Gregg Gonsalves

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases, Yale School of Public Health

Associate Professor, Yale Law School

College '11, GSAS '17

"Climate change is an existential threat to humanity. Yale has a chance to be part of stopping this public health catastrophe. The university can start by taking up the challenge of Yale Forward: divest from fossil fuel companies, now."


Nathaniel Stinnett

Founder & Executive Director, Environmental Voter Project

College '98

"Alumni want to be proud of Yale, and Maggie will help make that happen by pushing for a more just, inclusive, and climate-focused university."


Dr. Leon F. Vinci

Founder & Ceo, Health Promotion Consultants

YSPH '77

"Climate is Health--Health for the planet, and for humans as well."


Andy Coe

Govt/Community Relations, Stanford Health Care (Ret.)

Captain, 1969 Yale Football team

College '70

"The voices of Maggie Thomas and Yale Forward are needed to push Yale to be a leader for climate change and racial and economic justice."


Saket Malhotra

Organizer, Asian Americans for Ethnic Studies

College '23

"Asian Americans for Ethnic Studies supports the efforts of Yale Forward, forcing Yale to take progressive action reversing the damage its investments have caused."


Ben Dormus

Director, Adventist Campus Fellowship

College '21

"Enough with the boys club; it's time for the old order of things to start passing away. We need bold, progressive university governance and that's why I support Maggie and Yale Forward."


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