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Zoraya Hightower is a Burlington City Councilor and the Executive Director of the Peace and Justice center in Vermont. In these roles she leads economic, environmental, and racial justice education and initiatives. A graduate of the Yale School of Environment, Zoraya has been working on environmental issues across the globe for 10 years.

2013-2016: Yale School of Environment

Zoraya completed a Masters of Environmental Management focused on energy policy analysis and business sustainability.

2016-2021: Resonance

Zoraya worked on environmental issues across the globe as a project manager and analyst before becoming Resonance's innovation manager, where she led projects across all sectors.

2020-Present: Burlington City Council

Zoraya serves as a city councillor to help make Vermont's Queen city greener, more equitable, and more inclusive.

2021: Running for the Yale Corporation

2021-Present: Peace & Justice Center

Zoraya is the Executive Director of the Peace and Justice Center of Vermont, where she works to advocate for economic, social, and racial justice.

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