2013-2015: Yale Forestry & Environmental Studies

Maggie completed a Masters of Environmental Management focused on federal environmental policy.

2015-2018: NextGen America

Maggie worked to increase youth voter turnout at college campuses around the country and advocated for comprehensive climate policy at the state and federal level.

Maggie served as Climate Policy Advisor to Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Deputy Climate Director to Gov. Jay Inslee to help craft the boldest presidential climate plans in American history.

2020: Running for the Yale Corporation

Maggie Thomas is a climate policy leader and political strategist who contributed to the climate plans heralded as the “gold standard” of climate policy for the 2020 presidential primary cycle. Maggie cares deeply about democracy, representation, and intentional, thoughtful policy to enact positive change.

2019: Inslee for America / Warren for President

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